Developed by a small Dutch multimedia company called Dunes MultiMedia,
WinNc uses the same key shortcuts and the same mouse functionality as a
well-known DOS file manager, Norton Commander. WinNc gives you direct
drag-and-drop access to network servers, network neighborhoods and other
network computers in the double-pane interface, each of which function

File management is always a big issue when it comes to using today’s
operating systems. Most people nowadays use Vistas Windows Explorer for
routine file management. They cut, copy, and paste day in and day out,
scrolling from one folder or drive to another the best that they can.

Maybe you miss the old days of File Manager where you could see dual
views of your directories or drives. Or even better, what about Norton
Commander, the old DOS trusty file management tool that could do it all
with shortcut keys.

Well, the folks at Dunes Multimedia, a small company based in the
Netherlands, specializing in multimedia production, Internet design and
software development, have whisked us back to the best of the 80s with
their great product called WinNc.

WinNc is a throwback to the good old days with a product that resembles
and works just like its old lookalike but with added functionality and
full windows flexibility.

When you first open WinNc it feels like you are riding in a new
Porsche, mainly because it loads fast and gives you full control of all
of your files, directories and drives. Copying a file or moving
directories is so much easier when you can view the process, and using
the old F5 or F6 hot key to copy or move files is so much simpler than
copy and paste.

WinNc is loaded with all types of goodies, you can do just about any
type of file maintenance you want, from file copy, splitting and
deletion, to editing and viewing documents, audio, video and pictures.

WinNc allows you to handle compressed files as if they were directories
and supports all regular compression standards. Just press enter to
open a zip file and select the files you want to compress or uncompress.
Then use the old F5 or F6 hot keys to copy or move files in to the
other panel containing your target directory. For the web WinNc allows
you to upload your homepage files to a http/ftp server using the built
in FTP function.

WinNc is so comfortable that replacing Vista Windows Explorer with
WinNc was just as natural as getting into a car and driving away.

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