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Does your browser look like a tackily decorated Christmas tree? Is it
full of annoying toolbars and add-ons you don’t know how you came across
in the first place? Do they multiply with every new web session and you
have no idea how to get rid of them? Browser Care can help you with

It is your one-stop solution against widgets that keep sneaking into
your web environment. Here’s how it works – you open the program; it
displays all installed toolbars and add-ons, so you can clearly see
which ones you actually need and which ones just take up space for no
particular reason; you permanently remove the useless stuff with one
click of a button or by dragging it into the built-in trash can. Done.

It is that simple. You don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting
the ones that are important – Browser Care provides you with information
about each installed item so you can always make a well-informed
decision. It will also let you manage your home page and search engine
preferences – all from one neat user interface, designed with nothing
but simplicity in mind. And no matter how many browsers you may have,
Browser Care will allow you to look inside each and every one of them
providing for easy and effective management of your most important web
tools. So why wait? Get this unconditionally free tool today to ensure
fast and enjoyable surfing.

What’s new in this version:

Fixed all known bugs.
Improved program stability and reliability.
Improved internal libraries.
Improved program installer.

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