AlphaPlugins LensPro III 3.85 (x32x64)[ENG][Patch][Photoshop Plug

LensPro III – creates realistic images of various lenses, crystals and glass surfaces. This Adobe Photoshop plug-in filter also works with other image editing programs that support this format.

LensPro III comes with numerous and fully adjustable preset shapes. You can also design your own shapes in 3DS or VRML format or simply select an area in the shape of your choice. Adjustable controls include shape, optical properties and luminosity. Any image can be used as a surface such as clouds or a face.

Particles enables you to create an arrangement of multiple lenses and crystals in various shapes and colors. Every element is fully adjustable by position, size, spatial orientation, color and optical properties.

Special effects can be applied to just a part of the 3D crystal including growth, explosion or disintegration. Adjustable properties include explosion intensity, chaos and turbulence, gravity, wind speed and direction, etc. For example, your object can gradually fall apart as the wind blows away the pieces in the shape of a whirling tornado.


Creating lenses in various shapes.
Creating crystals and prisms in a variety of shapes.
Creating glass 3D objects by importing 3DS or VRML files.
Creating glass surfaces by selection area.
Creating glass object arrangements (particle function).
Adjustable glass properties.
And much more…

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