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An application that provides users with the possibility to transfer
contacts, movies, photos and other data from a mobile device to another.
One of the main issues that many users face when buying a new phone is
related to copying their personal data from the old device to a new one
without much effort, yet there are applications that can help in this
regard. One of them is FoneCopy, designed specifically for those moments
when users need to transfer various files and other data from a device
to another fast.

Best cell phone data transfer software to transfer data from one phone to another in one click.
 Transfer phone contacts, photos, media to new phone directly
 Transfer the data in dead/smashed phone to another phone
 Secure transfer to keep your phone data from being erased
 Detect more than 2 devices at the same time
 Support moving content from iOS/Android devices to iOS devices

Note: The current version can only support iOS devices with iOS 6.0 or
higher version. You can’t use it to transfer data from iOS
devices/Android devices to Android devices.

Transfer old phone data to new phone
Change a new cell phone? How about the numbers, photos, music etc. on
your old phone? If the files on the old phone is valuable to you, you
need to transfer them from the old phone to the new phone. FoneCopy
provides the fastest solution. Just connect your devices and FoneCopy
will transfer phone numbers, photos, music and other media files from
old phone to your new phone. All files detected by the program can be
migrated to the new phone.

Phone’s dead or smashed? Backup the data to another device
In case that your phone got damaged and unusable but it can be
recognized by the computer, for example, phone’s dead or smashed. Under
these circumstances, you must want to get the data in it. And if you
have another smart phone or tablet device, you may prefer to backup the
data to another device. But how? Now the problem can be solved by
FoneCopy. It can backup the dead or smashed phone to another phone

Afraid of data loss with iTunes? Don’t be now!
For iPhone/iPad/iPod users, iTunes is a powerful files transfer tool,
but the biggest problem for new users is that the earlier data will be
overwritten by your last sync. And once it’s done, the former data
cannot be retrieved. To make the phone to phone file transfer more
secure, FoneCopy provides you two transfer modes. You can choose to
transfer files to another device directly, or transfer files after
erasing the data on the target device. Choose the transfer mode that
suits you best.

An phone to phone file transfer, two cables and simple clicks are all you need
With FoneCopy, the phone to phone file transfer tool, what you need more
to transfer phone files is two USB cables and few simple clicks. The
whole transfer process is simple and fast. Just launch the phone
transfer software, connect your devices and make simple clicks, the file
transfer process will be completed.

Switch from Android to iPhone/iPad/iPod
So, you’ve been living in the Android world for a while and now bought
your ticket to the land of Apple. However, it’s such a chore to move
content from Android to your new iPhone/iPad/iPod. Fortunately, FoneCopy
helps you pack for the trip and transfer your stuff from Android to iOS
in no time at all. So you can run on a brand new iOS device with all
your Android phone stored particulars along.

Instructions:  Unpack and install. Copy and replace contents of crack folder to installation directory. Done.

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