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Recover4all Professional is a simple-to-use program that can retrieve
files which have been lost or deleted from your hard drive.
This is a portable tool, so installingRecover4all Professional is not
required. It means that you can store the app on a USB flash drive or
any other removable device, save it to any computer and directly run its
executable file. Therefore, the Windows registry is not accessed and no
leftover files can be found after program removal.

The interface of the application is based on a standard window and has
an uncomplicated but dull layout.Recover4all Professional automatically
starts the scanning procedure once you select the target drive.

During the file identification process you can check out a progress bar, progress percentage and number of found files items.

Results are displayed on the right pane where you can check out the
name, size, recovery chances and start sector of each discovered file.
All you have to do is specify the output drive (different from the
scanned drive) and letRecover4all Professional take care of the rest.
In addition, you can make the app locate long FAT filenames and include
empty files, as well as disable the thumbnail view.

The straightforward program uses a moderate amount of CPU and system
memory, has a good response time and finishes the scanning procedure in
reasonable time (depending on the size of the target drive). We have not
come any errors in our tests andRecover4all Professional did not
freeze or crash.

On the other hand, you cannot customize a filter for the scanning
operation, use a standard search function for the found files or preview
file content. Also,Recover4all Professional is unusable if your hard
drive is unpartitioned and you don’t have removable storage units. The
interface needs some major improvements as well.

Main Features:  Does not require installation to protect already deleted files from becoming overwritten!. Simply run the exe. Does not save to the drive where recovered files were deleted from.
This restriction also protects deleted files from becoming overwritten. Can recover the whole directory structure of a disk. Recovers files which were directly deleted or deleted through the recycle bin. Supports all file types including documents, images, movies, music etc. Can recover from formatted drives and within deleted folders. Supports NTFS and FAT files systems, all kinds of compressed drives and files, all RAID levels, GPT. Supports filenames in all languages. Supports drives recognized by Windows with SATA, IDE, USB, SCSI, PCMCIA, FireWire and all other interfaces. Supports internal and external drives, e.g. hard disks, USB drives,
memory cards ( like SD, SDHC, CompactFlash (CF), Smart Media, Memory
Stick (MS), Mulitmedia Card (MMC), xD-Picture Card etc.) and others.

Instructions:  Unpack and install. Copy and replace contents of crack folder to installation directory. Now use any details to register. Done.

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