Quick-PDF PDF To Word Converter 2.2 & Crack

Quick-PDF PDF To Word Converter 2.2 + Crack

Many people seem to feel puzzled about how they can edit their numerous
PDF’s or at least convert them to Word documents. Indeed, converting a
PDF to Word or an RTF file isn’t that obvious. These document formats
have in-depth differences after all.
Easy and Accurate: All the more do astonish the great capabilities of PDF to MS Word
product! With this neat piece of software you would never imagine the
task had some complexity beneath! It really looks like magic: simply
drag-and-drop the desired PDF to program’s window, click the Start
button and get a Word document that accurately duplicates the source PDF
file as a result. The process is as easy as it could ever be! You don’t need to mess up
with hundreds of settings; forget about problems with PDF version
incompatibilities; don’t ever spend a minute on post-editing the
resulting file. With Adobe PDF to Microsoft Word every document you
convert looks exactly the same as before the conversion.
Versatile: Moreover, PDF to RTF works smoothly with any language. Due to the
automatic encoding recognition system you will get a perfect final
result even if a PDF document was written in half-Chinese,
half-Hungarian (or any other set of exotic languages of your choice).
For experienced users PDF to Word converter offers command line
execution and advanced options that allow fine-tuning the conversion
virtually up to a single bit.
A batch processing of multiple PDF documents adds even more convenience!
What to say? It’s just like that: simply select a dozen of PDF’s and
painlessly convert them to Word with a single click.

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