Issue month Article type Title Page no.
April-june 2012 Review article A review on in silico approach in Pharmacology

*s. S. Vanjari1, n. Chimandare1 and s. V. Gandhi2.

130 – 141
April-june 2012 Review article Calotropis procera: an Ethnopharmacological update

*a. K. Khairnar1, s. R. Bhamare2 and h. P. Bhamare3

142 – 156
April-june 2012 Review article Role of serotonin in relapse To nicotine addiction: an overview

*R. K. Tiwari, a. Roy, t. Satpathy, r. Pandey and

S. S. Shukla

157 – 166
April-june 2012 Research article Formulation and evaluation of Starch acetate matrix tablets in combination with hydrophilic polymers for controlled release

*g.v. radha and s. Kasina

167 – 177
April-june 2012 Research article Treatment of hiv/aids using Traditional substances a and b (tanzed-plus®) in tanzania

*c. I. A. Kabati1, w. Matuja1, g. S. Mhidze2, a. B. M. Swai1 and m. B. Hildebert3

178 – 188
April-june 2012 Research article Influence of casting solvent and polymer on permeability of Diltiazem hydrochloride Through eudragit film

*s. R. Prasad and v. S. Kishore

189 – 195
April-june 2012 Research article Antiatherosclerotic activity of Osmotin, an adiponectin agonist In atherogenic diet induced Hypertriglyceridemia and Hypercholesterolemia In wistar rats

*v. R. Trivedi, m. R. Chorawala and g. B. Shah

196 – 207
April-june 2012 Research article Protection by withania somnifera Against lipo-polysachharidere activated Antigen-induced arthritis Via modulation of toll-like receptors In murine model

*d. J. Dave, m. R. Chorawala, and g. B. Shah

208 – 216
April-june 2012 Research article Evaluation of natural gums as a Binder in the preparation of Paracetamol tablet

* l. A. Panchal, p. K. Shelat, and m. N. Zaveri

217 – 221
April-june 2012 Research article Hptlc method development and Estimation of quercetin in the Alcoholic extract of Aerva javanica root

*v. Movaliya and m. N. Zaveri

222 – 228
April-june 2012 Research article 2d-qsar studies of novel series of 6-(5 Chloro-3-methylbenzofuran-2- Sulfonyl)-2h-pyridazin-3-one as Aldose reductase Inhibitors

*p. K. Singour, p. C. Patidar, a. Khare, p. K. Chaurasiya, r.

S. Pawar and u. K. Patil

229 – 241

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