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January-March 2012 Review Article Ethosomes -A Phyto Drug Delivery System

*D. Patel1 And P. Bhargava2

January-March 2012 Review Article Genetic Variation On Hibiscus Species By Using Rapd Markers

*S. Kadve, R. Malakar, M. Yadav And A. Tiwari

January-March 2012 Review Article Stem Cells In Neuropharmacology: An Overview

*S. R. Painter, A. R. Parikh, V. R. Trivedi, And M. R. Chorawala

January-March 2012 Research Article Exotic Medicinal Plants From West Vidarbha Region Of Maharashtra

*S. P. Rothe

January-March 2012 Research Article Evaluation Of Anti-Microbial And Anthelmintic Activity Of Gloriosa Superba Tubers

*S. Suryavanshi1, G. Rai1 And S. N. Malviya2

January-March 2012 Research Article Anticonvulsant Activity Of Ethanolic Extract Of Abrus Precatorius Leaves

*A. Shenoy, B. P. Varghese, M. S. Rajan, S. Koshy, M. Joshi, And A. R. Shabaraya

January-March 2012 Research Article Pharmacognostical Evalution Of Two Mentha Species Of Lamiaceae

*G. L. Pachkore1, A. N. Dharasurkar1 And D. A. Dhale2

January-March 2012 Research Article Effect Of Carbaryl On Organ Weight Of Broiler Chicks

*S. Khanam1, E. Pandey1, A. Srivastava1 And A. Dixit2

January-March 2012 Research Article 2d Qsar Analysis Of Inositol Derivatives As Inositol Monophosphatase Inhibitors

*N. Barve1, P. Mandloi1, A. Kumar1,A. Jain2

January-March 2012 Research Article Evaluation Of Antioxidant Potential Of A Functional Food Formulation Comprising Psidium Guajava Fruit, Juglans Regia L. Fruit And Whey

*S. Aroskar, And S. Patil

January-March 2012 Research Article Formulation Development Of Sustained Release Matrix Tablet Of Metformin Hydrochloride

*S. N. Bhunia1, B. K Sarkar1 And M. Parwal2

January-March 2012 Research Article Phytochemical Screening Of Alectra Parasitica A. Rich – A Rare Medicinal Parasitic Plant

*M. R. Kakpure And S. P. Rothe

January-March 2012 Research Article Experimental Taxonomic Investigation On Gliricidia Sepium (Jacq.) Kunth Ex Walp.

*K. V. Kothale1, S. P. Rothe2 And A. S. Pethe3

January-March 2012 Research Article Biochemical Evaluation Of Some Medicinal Plants Of Genus Sesbania Of Marathwada Region In Maharashtra

R. K. Momin1 And *V. B. Kadam2

January-March 2012 Research Article Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of 1-(4-P-Toluidino)-6-(Napthylamino)- 1,3,5-Triazine 2-Yl- 3-Methyl -2,6-Diphenyl Piperidine-4-One

*P. R. Logesh Kumar1, C.Velmurugan1, T. Bharathi1, T.Thiyagarajan1 And P.Valentina2

April-June 2012 Review Article A Review On In Silico Approach In Pharmacology

*S. S. Vanjari1, N. Chimandare1 And S. V. Gandhi2.

April-June 2012 Review Article Calotropis Procera: An Ethnopharmacological Update

*A. K. Khairnar1, S. R. Bhamare2 And H. P. Bhamare3

April-June 2012 Review Article Role Of Serotonin In Relapse To Nicotine Addiction: An Overview

*R. K. Tiwari, A. Roy, T. Satpathy, R. Pandey And S. S. Shukla

April-June 2012 Research Article Formulation And Evaluation Of Starch Acetate Matrix Tablets In Combination With Hydrophilic Polymers For Controlled Release

*G.V. Radha And S. Kasina

April-June 2012 Research Article Treatment Of Hiv/Aids Using Traditional Substances A And B (Tanzed-Plus®) In Tanzania

*C. I. A. Kabati1, W. Matuja1, G. S. Mhidze2, A. B. M. Swai1 And M. B. Hildebert3

April-June 2012 Research Article Influence Of Casting Solvent And Polymer On Permeability Of Diltiazem Hydrochloride Through Eudragit Film

*S. R. Prasad And V. S. Kishore

April-June 2012 Research Article Antiatherosclerotic Activity Of Osmotin, An Adiponectin Agonist In Atherogenic Diet Induced Hypertriglyceridemia And Hypercholesterolemia In Wistar Rats

*V. R. Trivedi, M. R. Chorawala And G. B. Shah

April-June 2012 Research Article Protection By Withania Somnifera Against Lipopolysachharidereactivated Antigen-Induced Arthritis Via Modulation Of Toll-Like Receptors In Murine Model

*D. J. Dave, M. R. Chorawala, And G. B. Shah

April-June 2012 Research Article Evaluation Of Natural Gums As A Binder In The Preparation Of Paracetamol Tablet

* L. A. Panchal, P. K. Shelat, And M. N. Zaveri

April-June 2012 Research Article Hptlc Method Development And Estimation Of Quercetin In The Alcoholic Extract Of Aerva Javanica Root

*V. Movaliya And M. N. Zaveri

April-June 2012 Research Article 2d-Qsar Studies Of Novel Series Of 6-(5- Chloro-3-Methylbenzofuran-2-Sulfonyl)-2h-Pyridazin-3-One As Aldose Reductase Inhibitors

*P. K. Singour, P. C. Patidar, A. Khare, P. K. Chaurasiya, R. S. Pawar And U. K. Patil

July-September 2012 Review Article Therapeutic Applications Of Citicoline And Methylcobalamine Combination

*A. B. Pathan, R. C. Doijad, S. S. Baraskar, N. B. Pawar, V. D. Maske, And S. L. Gaikwad

July-September 2012 Research Article Pharmacogostical Studies On Aerial Parts Of Aerva Javanica

*M. Zaveri1, V. Movaliya1, And M. Setty2

July-September 2012 Research Article Protective Effect Of Phyllanthus Fraternus Web On Cisplatin And Gentamicin Induced Nephrotoxicity In Rats
July-September 2012 Research Article Study Of The Effect Of Adhatoda Zeylanica And Some Related Synthesized Chalcones On Glucose Diffusion In Vitro

*S. Purnima1, P. Beena2 And R. Mini2

July-September 2012 Research Article Synergistic Potentiating Anti-Anxiety Activities Of Withania And Alprazolam By Licorice

*C. Bhatt And G. B. Shah

July-September 2012 Research Article Novel Nasal Microcapsular Delivery System Of Galantamine Hydrobromide

*S. Patel1, B. Barot2, P. Parejiya2, P. Shelat2 And A. Shukla2

July-September 2012 Research Article Evaluation Of Hepatoprotective Activity Of Bauhinia Purpurea Linn

*S. K. Prasanna, And C. S. Shastry

July-September 2012 Research Article Molecular Cloning And Expression Of The Lux Genes Ofvibrio Fischeri

*C. Bhattacharya1, B. Pandey, P. Verma And V. Chandrakar2

July-September 2012 Research Article Method Development And Validation For The  Simultaneous Estimation Of Nevirapine And Lamivudine In Human Plasma By Lc-Ms/Ms

*M. K. Malavarapu, S. Murala, And S. R. Pandala

July-September 2012 Research Article Evaluation Of Cytotoxicity Of Some Selected Medicinal Plants

*S. Rana, C. Bhatt, N. Kanaki And M. Zaveri

July-September 2012 Research Article Validated Analytical Methods For The Estimation Of Lumefantrine In Tablets

*R. K. Sangeetha1, M. Gandhimathi1 T. Sudhakaran1 And M. S. Prakash2

July-September 2012 Research Article Effect Of Aloe Vera (L). Burm. F Polysaccharide On Various Immune Parameters

*S. Sumita, S. Sharfudeen, And D. Yeshodha

July-September 2012 Research Article Protein Solubility And Haemagglutinating Activity Of Tamarind Seed Extracts

*S. P. Shivakumar And K. R. Siddalinga Murthy

October-December 2012 Review Article Hydrogel As A Promising Drug Delivery System: An Overview

A. Sarvaiya And *P. Bhargava

October-December 2012 Review Article A Review On Pharmacognostical Study Of Lepidium Sativum

*S. Wadhwa1, M. S. Panwar1, A. Agrawal1, N. Saini1 And L. N. Patidar2

October-December 2012 Research Article Formulation And In-Vitro Characterization Of Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System Of Cisapride

*P. Porwal1, S. Bhargava1, R.S. Bhaduria1, S.S. Shukla2 And S.J. Daharwal3

October-December 2012 Research Article Assessment Of Toxicological Profile Of Cell Wall Contents Of Lactobacillus Acidophilus (Probiotic) In Wistar Rats And Swiss Albino Mice

*M. R. Chorawala, V. R. Trivedi, D. J. Dave, P. M. Oza, S. S. Deshpande And G. B. Shah

October-December 2012 Research Article Formulation And Evaluation Of Bilayer Tablet Of Metoprolol Succinate As A Controlled Release And Amlodipine As A Immediate Release

*K. J. Beyatricks, K. S. Kumar, J. Ruby, N. H. Jainab And D. Suchitra

October-December 2012 Research Article Isolation And Characterization Of Two Alkaloids From The Ethanolic Extract Of Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis L. Leaves

*R.S. Bhadouria1, S. Bhargava1 And S.S. Pancholi2