Volume 1

Issue Month Article Type Title
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Review Article Self emulsifying drug delivery System: an approach to improve the Solubility of poorly water soluble Drug
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Review Article A review on anti-inflammatory Steroidal antedrugs
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Research Article Screening of some selected plants For cyp3a inhibition and Bioavailability enhancement
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Research Article Formulation and in-vitro Characterization of trimetazidine Dihydrochloride floating bilayer M.r. tablets
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Research Article Estimation and characterization of Protein present in seed extract of Jatropha curcas
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Research Article Synthesis, characterization and Pharmacological evaluation of Novel substituted benzimidazole Derivatives
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Research Article Anti-ulcer activity of aqueous Extract of bauhinia tomentosa linn. Leaves
JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 Research Article Anti-inflammatory activity of the Fruit-seeds madhuca longifolia (koenig)
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Review Article Production of taqpolymerase from e. Coli: a tremendous approach of Cloning and expression of Taqpolymerase-i gene in e. Coli
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Review Article Impurity profiling of pharmaceuticals
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Effect of ocimum basilicum on cisplatin Models of acute renal failure
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Antibacterial activity of aqueous Extract of the leaves of turnera Ulmifolia linn. (turneraceae)
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Bioceramic as drug delivery system in Orthopedic graft
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Formulation and evaluation of Transdermal patches of atenolol
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Evaluation of antioxidant activity, Phenol and flavonoid contents of Momordica charantia linn. Fruit
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Pharmacognostical and phyto physicochemical Profile of curculigo Orchioides (gaertn)
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Qsar analysis of a series of 1-(2-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy) ethyl-1 hpyrazolo[ 4,3 d]pyrimidines: As potent phosphodiesterase 5 (pde5) Inhibitors
OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 Research Article Histochemical investigation of some Medicinal plants