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Acquisition Editor Mr. Vikram Choudhary (India) Miss. Kajal Jain (India) Mr. K. L. Seervi (India)
Special Editor Dr. R. S. Bhadaouria (India) Mr. Shailendra Bhatt (India) Dr. Prashant Pandya (India)
Advisory Board Dr. Mamta B. Shah (India) Dr. Ravichandran N. (India) Dr. Hsueh-Wei Chang (Taiwan)
Prof (Dr.) Prakash M. M. S. Kinthada (UK) Dr. Umesh K. Jain (India) Dr. H. S. Chandel (India)
Dr. Mueen Ahmed KK (Saudi Arabia) Dr. D. Nagasamy Venkatesh (India) Dr. Archana Tiwari (India)
Dr. Niranjan K. Kanki (India) Dr. Shriharsha H. (Saudi Arabia) Dr. P. Vijayrajkumar (Malaysia)
Dr. S. S .Pancholi (India) Dr. B.P. Nagori (India) Dr. Shital Bariya (India)
Dr. Amber Vyas (India) Dr. Ankit Chaudhary (India) Dr. Omayma A. El Dahshan Cairo (Egypt)
Dr.D. A. Dhale (India) Dr. D. Sasmal (India) Dr. K. Vanitha Prakash (India)
Dr. M. K. Mohan Maruga Raja (India) Dr. Harjinder Singh Rose (India) Dr. Amitava Ghosh (India)
Dr. V. I. Hukkeri (India) Dr. ShivShankar Shukla (India) Dr. Ravindra Pandey (India)
Dr. Anupam Jigran(USA) Dr. Sushma Talegaonkar(India) Dr. Alok Nahata (Malaysia)
Dr.Nitesh Kumar(India) Dr. Vikash Jain(India) Dr. Sarbjit Singh(USA)
Mr. Dinesh Singh(India)
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